Pies and Tarts

If you like pies and tarts you’ve come to the right place! Here’s all the most delicious pies and tart recipes in so many different flavors and variations.

Orange Cream Tart with Hazelnuts

Orange smell reminds me of winter, and this following orange cream tart is definitely a great winter dessert. It's made of a short crust pastry buttery crust fi... Read More

Red Grapefruit Tart

At one of my last visits in Paris, I ate a phenomenal red grapefruit tart at a beautiful patisserie called Hugo et Victor. Once I got back home I just had to ma... Read More

Mascarpone Chocolate Pie

This following recipe is one of my favorites - gluten free mascarpone chocolate pie that is perfect for special occasions, birthdays and holidays. This pie is m... Read More