Homemade Candies

All the most delicious homemade candies – caramels, chocolate, easy no-bake bars and more!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars

These peanut butter chocolate bars are so easy to make, gluten free and kids will absolutely love it. In less than one hour from now you can enjoy these sweet t... Read More

Melon Yogurt Popsicles

Making popsicles at home is so easy and fun, and it's a great activity with the kids in hot summer days. These yogurt popsicles combine fresh yogurt and melon a... Read More

Chocolate Truffles with Macadamia

I don’t get why people but chocolate truffles instead od making it at home. It’s one of the easiest desserts you can make – so simple and quick, and the result ... Read More

Peanut Butter Energy Bites

You could say I'm addicted to sport. For over two years, I train almost on a daily basis. I started with Zumba class, than added TRX training which makes me fee... Read More

Energy Bars with Dates and Nuts

I love energy bars, but as a quite heavy consumer of the store-bought bars, I know it's not always as healthy as it looks. Most popular brands are full of ingre... Read More

Passion Fruit Pâte de Fruit

I started liking passion fruit only in the past few years, but it has become one of my definite favorite flavors in desserts. The following recipe is simple an... Read More