Homemade Candies

All the most delicious homemade candies – caramels, chocolate, easy no-bake bars and more!

Nutty Caramel Chocolate Barks

Caramelized nuts are one of the things I tend to step away from after making it. It is THAT dangerous from me, because once I try one – I won't be able to stop ... Read More

Spelt Granola with Fruits and Nuts

I tend to eat quite healthy most of the time, and I keep a strict meal and exercise plan in order to remain strong and healthy. You may not be able to find any ... Read More

Blood Orange Pâte de Fruit

Homemade Blood Orange Pâte de Fruit that is made with only 4 ingredients, no artificial flavors or food coloring and all-natural tastes. It's a great nostalgic ... Read More

Caramel and Mandarin Hot Chocolate

I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of hot chocolate, but sometimes (rarely) it's just something I gotta make. The weather, of course, always have something to d... Read More