Pecan and Vanilla Cream Puffs

Great dessert for brunch or dinner - vanilla cream puffs topped with pecan streusel. So delicious and addictive you won't be able to eat only one. Pecan and... Read More

Garlic and Butter Pretzels

Photo: Natalie Levin (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); I am very (very) fond of salty pastries. Bread that has just come out of... Read More

Cheese Babka with Almond Streusel

As someone who's favorite cake in the world is fresh babka our of the over, this cheese babka is a feast. I also really love cheesecakes, so this cheese babka a... Read More

Tiramisu Cake Roll

If you like tiramisu, you really should try this tiramisu cake roll. This cake roll is made of coffee sponge cake filled with mascarpone and Irish cream filling... Read More